No One has ever hit a home run from the Dugout. Step up to the pate..png
Al's Axiom #3.jpg
Al's Axiom #5.jpg
Al's Axiom #8.jpg
Al's Axiom #9: Influence.jpg
Al's Axiom #11: Clutter.jpg
Al's Axiom #13.jpg
15. If you don’t know the rules, then you’re not in the game..jpg
Al's Axiom #17_ Failure.jpg
Al's Axiom #19_ You.png
Write like a dying man..png
Beware the naked man who offers to sell you his shirt..png
25. Don't try to drive nails with a crescent wrench..png
27. Sometimes you just should write for yourself and no one else..png
29. Competition.png
Courage and more courage.png
#33_ Hard work can achieve more than natural talent..jpg
35. The measure of success is the lives you touch not the money you make..jpg
Al's Axiom #37_ Write like you..jpg
Al's Axiom #39_ Perfection.jpg
All creativity begins with a single question_ What if?.jpg
Al's Axiom #4.jpg
Al's Axiom #6.jpg
Al's Axiom #8.jpg
Al's Axiom #10: Imagination Knows No Age.jpg
Al's Axiom #12.jpg
Al's Axiom #14 Imagination and choice..jpg
Al's Axiom #16_ Ideas.jpg
Al's Axiom #18_ Ideas.png
No, it’s not easy..png
Rigid things break; flexible things bend..png
24. Creativity doesn’t happen by accident. It requires intention..png
26. Love the words.Love the work..png
28. Emotion baseball.png
Live in your head.png
32. The biggest fish are in the deepest waters..jpg
Al's Axiom #34_ Don't skip important steps..jpg
Teddy Roosevelt was right—critics don’t count..jpg
Al's Axiom #38_ Process the process.jpg
Al's Axiom #40_ Impatience.jpg