No One has ever hit a home run from the Dugout. Step up to the pate..png
Al's Axiom #3.jpg
Al's Axiom #5.jpg
Al's Axiom #8.jpg
Al's Axiom #9: Influence.jpg
Al's Axiom #11: Clutter.jpg
Al's Axiom #13.jpg
15. If you don’t know the rules, then you’re not in the game..jpg
Al's Axiom #17_ Failure.jpg
Al's Axiom #19_ You.png
Write like a dying man..png
Beware the naked man who offers to sell you his shirt..png
25. Don't try to drive nails with a crescent wrench..png
27. Sometimes you just should write for yourself and no one else..png
29. Competition.png
All creativity begins with a single question_ What if?.jpg
Al's Axiom #4.jpg
Al's Axiom #6.jpg
Al's Axiom #8.jpg
Al's Axiom #10: Imagination Knows No Age.jpg
Al's Axiom #12.jpg
Al's Axiom #14 Imagination and choice..jpg
Al's Axiom #16_ Ideas.jpg
Al's Axiom #18_ Ideas.png
No, it’s not easy..png
Rigid things break; flexible things bend..png
24. Creativity doesn’t happen by accident. It requires intention..png
26. Love the words.Love the work..png
28. Emotion baseball.png
Live in your head.png