Ninety-three years old and still gorgeous. 1923 Underwood portable.

Over 90 years ago, this typewriter came off the production line. The 1923 Underwood Standard Portable is remarkable example of high end engineering done at a small scale. It was designed by Lee S. Burridge but he never got to see it completed. Underwood bought the rights to the patent and produced the machine over four years after Burridge's death. Unlike most typewriters, it has only three rows (banks) of keys. It's beautiful in its compact simplicity.

1948 Royal Quiet DeLuxe and the Amazing Henry Dreyfuss

This 1948 Royal Quiet DeLuxe is sometimes referred to has a Dreyfuss machine. Henry Dreyfuss was one of the first "industrial designers," artist/engineers who specialized in improving the looks and workability of everyday products. He was asked to improve the Royal QDL portable and, after some intensive research, came up with this wonderful design. In this video, I talk about the typewriter and the man behind the design.

1959 Royal Futura 600: Clean and shiny.

In the late 50s and early 60s, Royal Typewriters sold the Futura line of machines. It was a new body design and one that caught on. The Futura brand would last for quite some time. In this video, I take a look at the middle "child" of the three available machines--the Futura 600. This machine was a mess when I got it. Now, it's a heart stealer. I hope you enjoy it.