Old is New Again

HERE IS A FRESH release of my second novel, Through My Eyes. It stars Adam Bridger and Rachel Tremaine who led us on a frighting chase in By My Hands. This time they return to face supernatural visions, strange and exotic locations, and one of the most frightening men on the planet. Together with a troubled ad man, a shy artist, a crippled firefighter, and an unstable cat burglar Adam and Rachel undertake a mission that will take them to the other side of the world. At stake, the world's most valuable artifacts—and their lives.

These are more than dreams and visions: this is a calling. Six people. Five mind-numbing visions. Four ancient and mysterious artifacts. Two exotic locations. And one greedy man who will stop at nothing, not even murder, to achieve his goal. Rev. Adam Bridger and his wife, Dr. Rachel Tremaine are once again in the center of an adventure not of their making. And joining them are four total strangers who, along with Rachel, have seen visions that most mortals can't imagine. They have been called on a mission that will forever change the world—if they survive.

Through My Eyes was originally published by Victor Books (now Cook Communications). It was my first attempt at an ensemble cast and, like By My Hands that preceded it, was my second expedition into supernatural suspense from a Christian perspective. TME also has a strong adventure element to it. Some of my favorite characters are in this book.

Of all my books, TME was (and still is) one of the most talked about.

I rereleased the first book in the two book set back in late 2014. I felt it was time for Through My Eyes to shine again. I hope you enjoy it. Of course, if you haven't already, you'll want to read the first book.