Below is a list of my books and those on which I've had the honor of serving as co-writer. Those with (Alloyd Books) are re-issued works.

Fiction (24)

  • By My Hands, Victor Books (Alloyd Books)

  • Through My Eyes, Victor Books (Alloyd Books)

  • Terminal Justice, Waterbrook

  • Tarnished Image, Waterbrook

  • Marked for Mercy, ChariotVictor

  • A Small Dose of Murder, ChariotVictor

  • A Ship Possessed, Zondervan

  • Vanished, Zondervan

  • Distant Memory, Waterbrook Press

  • The Prodigy, Zondervan

  • Dark Moon, Zondervan (Alloyd Books)

  • A Treasure Deep, Promise Press (Alloyd Books)

  • Out of Time, Zondervan

  • Beneath the Ice, Promise Press (Alloyd Books)

  • The Incumbent, Zondervan

  • Before Another Dies, Zondervan

  • Submerged, Promise Press (Alloyd Books)

  • Director’s Cut, Zondervan

  • Crime Scene Jerusalem, River Oak (Alloyd Books)

  • Zero-G, Zondervan

  • Finder’s Fee, Zondervan (Alloyd Books)

  • Angel, Realms

  • Enoch, Realm

  • Wounds, Broadman Holman

Novellas (5)

  • Plot Line (Alloyd Books)

  • The Harbinger Series (with Bill Meyers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, and Jeff Gerke, Amaris Media International)

    • The Girl (book #4)

    • The Fog (book #8)

    • The Village (book #12)

    • At Sea (book #16)

    • End Game (book #20)

Screenplay (1)

  • A Treasure Deep, Solid Rock Productions (2009)

Novels, Co-writer (9)

  • The Bell Messenger, with Bob Cornuke. Howard/Simon Schuster (September 2008)

  • Certain Jeopardy, with Major Jeff Struecker, US Army, Broadman Holman (Winter 2009)

  • The Pravda Messenger, with Bob Cornuke,Howard/Simon Schuster ( 2009)

  • Blaze of Glory, with Major Jeff Struecker, Broadman Holman (2009/2010)

  • Mayan Apocalypse, with Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Harvest House, (September 2010)

  • Fallen Angel, with Major Jeff Struecker, Broadman Holman, (2011)

  • Scroll, with Grant Jeffery, Waterbrook/Random House (2012)

  • Hide and Seek, with Jeff Struecker, Broadman Holman (Summer 2012)

  • Digital Winter, with Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Harvest House, (August 2012)

Nonfiction (11)

  • Uncovering the Bible’s Greatest Mysteries, Broadman Holman

  • Uncovering God’s Mysterious Ways, Broadman Holman

  • 40 Days, Broadman Holman, 2007

  • In His Words, GRQ/Bethany House (Work for hire)

  • What Really Matters Most, GRQ (Work for hire)

  • The Indispensable Guide to Jesus (GRQ)

  • Conversations with God, (GRQ, 2011)

  • 60 People Who Shaped the Church, (Baker/Revell, May 2014)

  • 30 Events That Shaped the Church, (Baker/Revell, January 2015)

  • Imagination @ Work, e-book (Alloyd Books)

  • Unspoken, (Alloyd Books)

Nonfiction co-author (2)

  • The Secrets God Kept, with John Van Deist, Tyndale (February 2005)

  • The Solomon Secret, with Bruce Fleet (Penguin, 2009, co-author)




...a whitewater ride...

“An imposing concept, a rapid-fire story, and research rich in detail that brings it all together—A Treasure Deep is a whitewater ride of surprise and suspense."

— Jack Cavanaugh realistic...

Beneath the Ice is so realistic it should only be read on a hot day at the beach or by a roaring fire.”

— Robert Whitlow

...a top rated suspense novel.

“Riveting! A Treasure Deep is a top-rate suspense novel. If you’re looking for a page-turner that will keep you guessing, this is it.”

— Robin Lee Hatcher

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