I'm Alton Gansky, the author of over 50 works including novels and nonfiction. Welcome to my website. Feel free to linger. Below are links to additional pages about my books, me, and some photos for publicity people. Enjoy. 





I'VE JUST RELEASED FINDER'S FEE, a novel of suspense and intrigue. Here's a bit about it:

“I know your secret.

"If you defy me, then the world will know.

"If you hang up. He will die.”

A terrifying phone call sweeps rich and powerful businesswoman Judith Find into a desperate search for a kidnapped boy. If she involves the authorities, the child will die ... and Judith's darkest secret will be revealed to the world.

Judith is teamed with a mysterious stranger with a carefully guarded secret of his own. Is Luke Becker an unwilling ally or an agent of the kidnapper? As Judith and Luke's mutual distrust wars against a growing attraction, the life of a small boy hangs in the balance. A boy unlike any other Judith has met.

Eight-year-old Abel Palek will help Judith discover a life she has never imagined. But freeing him could cost her everything.

Her career. Her reputation. And very possibly her life. Click cover for more information.

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Last month's featured book is my latest nonfiction: UNSPOKEN, a short book about William Jennings Bryan's unspoken speech and the Scopes "Monkey Trial."

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