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I'VE JUST RELEASED a new book, a short nonfiction about one aspect of the "Trial of the Century." Ninety-one years ago this week the tiny berg of Dayton, TN, was overrun with reporters and spectators who came to watch two of the most famous men of 1925 go head to head over the teaching of evolution in public schools. John T. Scopes had been "arrested" (the arrest had been concocted to bring attention to Dayton) for teaching evolution in the local high school. He agreed to be the defendant in a case to test the legality of the Butler Bill, a statewide law the prohibited teaching that man evolved from a lower form of life. The ACLU provided the lawyers for Scopes. Clarence Darrow joined the defense and three-time presidential candidate and former secretary of state William Jennings Bryan aided the prosecution. Bryan had prepared a closing summary for the prosecution to be delivered to the jury but he never got to deliver it. Clarence Darrow and the defense out maneuvered the prosecution and no closing remarks were made to the jury. Scopes was found guilty and the case went on to a higher court. Bryan died five days after the case ended UNSPOKEN: The Scopes Trial and the Final Speech of William Jennings Bryan is an annotated review of what Bryan had planned to say to the jury.

UNSPOKEN is available as an e-book through Amazon.com and will soon be available as a print book and e-book on other platforms soon.

Read my blog post about the book here.



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