I'm Alton Gansky, the author of over 50 works including novels and nonfiction. Welcome to my website. Feel free to linger. Below are links to additional pages about my books, me, and some photos for publicity people. Enjoy. 



Click here to see Al's latest episode of Typewriter Tuesday. This week, "Galaxie Twelve"


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A catalog of some of Al's available books. Easy links.



A place of musings, posts about writing, reading, and other things.

About Al

A brief biography of Alton Gansky and a few photos for media types.


Featured Book

This month's featured book is FINDER'S FEE. A tale of suspense and regret.

List of Books by Al

A comprehensive list of Al's book length writings.


Firsts in Fiction Podcast

Recent videos from the FIRSTS IN FICTION podcast for writers of fiction.