I'm Alton Gansky, the author of over 50 works including novels and nonfiction. Welcome to my website. Feel free to linger. Below are links to additional pages about my books, me, and some photos for publicity people. Enjoy. 



Click here to see Al's latest episode of Typewriter Tuesday. This week, he shows off a gorgeous Underwood Portable, a typewriter dressed for a nite on the town.



Recently I had the honor of being interviewed by Bethany Jett of the Florida Christian Writers Conference. I'll be teaching there this coming February.



The newest addition to the HARBINGERS series of novellas is AT SEA. It's full of the strangeness you've come to expect from Tank and his team.

He doesn't know who he is.
He doesn't know where he is.
He's all alone...sorta.

Tank and the Harbingers team have faced strange and frightening things in the past. This might be the strangest. Every trial they’ve faced, they’ve faced together, but now they don’t even recognize each other—or themselves. Tank awakens on a bed in a small room. He doesn’t know where he is. Worse, he doesn’t know who he is. The image in the mirror is that of a stranger wearing a tuxedo. Before long, Tank learns that he’s on an old style cruise ship—a powerless vessel adrift on a flat ocean, lost in a gray fog that blankets everything under the flat gray sky. Tank doesn’t like the fog. Or the ship that periodically shuffles its decks. Soon, Tank learns that he’s not the only being on the mystery ship. He begins to wish he was.

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